Stauffer Supply Inc. was originally founded in the summer of 1967 by Norm and Allie Stauffer and was located in SE Portland .

Company was sold in 1970 with the original founder retiring.

Stauffer’s early customer base was predominately industrial OEM and user accounts including Freightliner, Tri-Met, Peco, and Keiwit. It also sold to all major lumber mills up and down the Columbia River Gorge.

In the early 1980’s the company purchased a software program specifically designed for fastener distributors to facilitate better inventory control and customer account management.

Stauffer Supply expanded their customer base in the 1980’s to include hi-tech manufacturing such as Flir, Oeco and Tektronix.

In 1986 they began a vendor managed stocking (VMI) program for fasteners with Tektronix that included deliveries to Vancouver, Redmond, Wilsonville and Beaverton campuses with multiple stocking areas within each building.

Stauffer Supply changed its name to Stauffer Electronic Production Hardware in spring of 2000.

In February of 2001 Stauffer moved from its original location to NE Hillsboro .

The company then was sold to In-tech Too in 2003 which is a company that builds electronic hardware.

In-tech Too purchased Cisco NW (Coast Industrial Supply Co.) in 2006, primarily a marine, stainless steel fastener supplier, and merged it with Stauffer creating Stauffer-Cisco Supply.

Stauffer was sold to Carlan Enterprises in January of 2008 and they retained all current team-members. Carlan has since added warehouse equipment, software upgrades and experienced employees in its first year of ownership.

Current customer base is now a mix of industrial, hi-tech and marine. Selling and servicing the world-wide market place. Stauffer currently ships all over the USA and overseas.

STAUFFER-CISCO SUPPLY 16416 SW 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97224 T : 503.531.8557 F : 503.531.8567